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Originally posted by John Lawrence on Public Banking Institute. Alarmed by the corruption and greed of Wall Street, many US cities and states are studying the feasibility of establishing public banks. By John Lawrence, San Diego Free Press Public banks are owned by cities, states or other jurisdictions and serve to […]

Cities and States Prefer Public Banks to Wall Street

Originally Posted by Public Banking Institute on 2/24/2017 Money is not fixed and scarce. It is “elastic”: it is created when loans are made and extinguished when they are paid off. Private banks now create nearly 97 percent of the money supply in this way. To get much-needed new money […]

How to Cut Infrastructure Costs in Half

ORIGINALLY PUBLISHED ON EAST BAY BY EMILY WHEELER WEDNESDAY 2/8/2017 A thriving local economy is something we all want to see—no controversy there. But we’ve been too quick to accept the prevailing notion that there is a tradeoff between that and providing ourselves with adequate housing, health care, or education […]

A Public Bank for Oakland

ORIGINALLY PUBLISHED ON THE HILL BY DOUGLAS SINGLETERRY AND ZENON CHRISTODOULOU, OPINION CONTRIBUTOR – 01/26/17 07:00 PM EST Since the 2008 financial crisis, the idea of creating a public bank has been proposed in dozens of states across the country. Cities including Santa Fe, Philadelphia, San Francisco, and Seattle are […]

Public banks help communities thrive. Why aren’t there more?

A Seattle public bank would support local development by keeping our tax money at work at home. By Dennis J. Ortblad, Special to The Seattle Times PUBLIC banks have an excellent track record in helping states and cities finance infrastructure, among other public services. In his Jan. 1 guest column, […]

The Homegrown Promise of a Seattle Public Bank

ORIGINALLY POSTED ON PUBLIC BANKING INSTITUTE Let’s stand together and move forward. The election of a new Administration has sent shock waves through both sides of the political aisle, some seeing great new promise and others seeing despair and disappointment. But both sides bear witness to the fact that an […]

A Message from PBI Chair Walt McRee

ORIGINALLY POSTED BY JOHN REITMEYER ON NJ SPOTLIGHT | OCTOBER 26, 2016 Joan Bartl believes taxpayer-owned financial institution would be ‘logical and practical’ because of the state’s ‘significant fiscal problems’ Joan Bartl Who she is: Joan Bartl, state coordinator in New Jersey for the nonprofit Public Banking Institute. Where she calls ‘home’: […]

Profile: The Woman Laying the Groundwork for a Public Bank ...

Originally posted by Karl Beitel Director, Public Bank Project The Public Bank Project is dedicated to developing financial alternatives to the current system of Wall Street dominated finance to expand the policy options and autonomy of local governments. Our particular focus is on how local governments can pursue innovative policy […]

Public Banks for U.S. Cities

ORIGINALLY POSTED BY JOHN REITMEYER NJ SPOTLIGHT | SEPTEMBER 9, 2016 Former Golden Sachs executive also called for a higher minimum wage, tax breaks for those with lower incomes, and efforts to encourage high-tech Democratic gubernatorial candidate Phil Murphy delivering a major policy speech on the campus of the New Jersey Institute […]

Phil Murphy Makes State Bank Centerpiece of Gubernatorial Campaign

Originally posted by Albert B. Kelly on NJ.com on 8/7/2016 Why a municipal bank may not be a bad idea | Opinion In this season of campaign rhetoric about the state of our country, you occasionally come across an idea or proposal that goes beyond the standard stuff about jobs, growth, and […]

A New Jersey Mayor Speaks Out for Public Banks