Seattle, WA – July 14, 2017 After 6 years of persistent encouragement, WA State Senator Bob Hasegawa finally saw his baby walk. That baby is the goal of getting the State legislature to act on the creation of a state-owned public bank. In an extended workshop on what creating such […]

WA State Steps Forward On A State Bank!

Originally Posted by Walt McRee on PublicBankingInstitute.org June 13, 2017 Last week’s gubernatorial primary resulted not only in the ascension of candidate Phil Murphy to the threshold of the NJ statehouse, but also the elevation of public banking into mainstream political discourse for the entire country. Since Murphy adopted public […]

The Meaning of the Murphy Win

Ocean Grove NJ by Flickr user SurFeRGiRl
Originally posted on January 26, 2017 by Ellen Brown Americans could save $1 trillion over 10 years by financing infrastructure through publicly-owned banks like the one that has long been operating in North Dakota. President Donald Trump has promised to rebuild America’s airports, bridges, tunnels, roads and other infrastructure, something both […]

How to Cut Infrastructure Costs in Half