New Jersey Statewide Public Banking Conference | September 16, 2017

Suddenly, New Jersey finds itself with a tremendous opportunity to break free of its withering dependence on expensive Wall Street money to fund its needs and prospects. The talk of creating a state-owned public bank appears headed to the Statehouse for consideration by legislators, candidates, policy-makers and other government leaders. With hundreds of millions of dollars leaving the state to feed Big Bank mega-bonuses, keeping our money at home to invest in ourselves has an unassailable logic, and it’s why public banking is taking off around the nation.

Banking on New Jersey, originator of this statewide movement, now invites all those engaged in this exciting and important work to come together to study, share, collaborate and plan the key next steps forward. There’s lots to learn and lots to do – together we can save NJ from the financial exploitation that robs our communities, schools, businesses and even our community banks.  Join us!

September 16, 2017
Banking on NJ Statewide Conference — Princeton, NJ!